My Home Beyond The Sky
written by Maya Ghannoum


I live in the camp in a small room filled with pictures of my brothers. Mama says my brothers are now in heaven. At night, when we all huddle up together to sleep, she tells us stories of how we once had a big house with a garden. I always dream about that house, our house beyond the sky.


One day a kite flew over to me through our window. I followed it outside and held on to its string and it swept me very high up in the air and past all the concrete houses.



Past the long line of mothers waiting to fill up their water gallons, and the long line of fathers waiting to buy bread from the bakery and oh the delicious smell of fresh bread baking.


Past the school and the loud sound of children singing their ABCs under shady trees. And past my friend Samer playing soccer in the small muddy field who followed me waving and shouting "Tarek, take me with you!"


The kite then put me down on the warm ground and flew away again. I ran to Mama and she gave me a big hug. "One day," she told me, "we will all hold on to magic kites which will fly us all the way back to our house with the garden."


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