Lena Merhej

Artist Statement

Bits of lives
An oneiric search in the buckles of dialogue, Bits of Lives is a flow of desire. Experimentation with the imaged diverges to create a minute moment of translation, a gap that tautens to form another.


Encounters are in the moment, in the gap between what was an event and what is about to become one. It is in the fragility of encounters that this piece is driven to breathe and move from one gesture to a whisper to a gaze. The animation moves from one screen to another, unfolding bit by bit an encounter then another, all linked to form one body of encounter in a loop.
The loop is abrupt by fragmentation, the sequences of images/gaps that create the animation, expending the tension between the banal and the heavy, the slippery and the scar, and mostly the network of all the components of encounters.